Conservation Birding


A birding experience like no other!

Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise that is home to more than 450 species of birds and an eBird hotspot! At Osa Verde, Black-cheeked Ant tanagers, Streak-chested Antpitta, yellow-billed cotingas, scarlet macaws and more await you. About a dozen species are endemic and restricted to this region and adjacent Panama, including five species of conservation concern that inhabit the lush tropical forests and coastal mangroves of the Osa Peninsula. With over 150 species of migratory birds taking refuge here each winter, you won’t be the only travelers to this pristine wilderness.

Home to the largest intact mangrove ecosystem on the Pacific Coast of Central America and one of only four tropical fjords on earth, the Osa Peninsula is the wildest and most spectacular region of Costa Rica. As one of the most under-birded corners of the country, this biodiversity oasis is a must-see!

The unparalleled birding experience at Osa Verde provides a chance to see many endemic species, which are limited in range to the Osa and western Panama, such as the Mangrove Hummingbird, White-crested Coquette, Baird’s Trogon, Fiery-billed Aracari, Golden-naped Woodpecker, Black-hooded Antshrike… the list goes on.

Photo Credit: Manuel Sanchez

This unforgettable conservation birding experience goes “beyond birding”.

Come conservation birding with us to observe a myriad of avifauna while gaining insight into conservation challenges and our strategies address them.

From Canada and the United States to Central and South America, around 150 species of migrant birds travel yearly to flee the harsh northern winter to take refuge in the warm neotropics lying south – facing the unique challenge that is their “dual nationality.” including the prothonotary warbler, golden-wing warble, and the stunning Baltimore oriole. Birding in the Osa gives participants a chance to see these charismatic birds in their second home and protect their critical wintering habitat by supporting the work of Osa Conservation.

At Osa Verde, you’ll observe scientists at work and witness our conservation efforts in action, such as habitat protection and restoration, research, wildlife monitoring, and outreach. Nightly presentations by our staff of biologists and conservation professionals is a great opportunity to discuss all-things-birding and learn more about the Osa and how visitors like you are vital to helping us protect it.

The Yellow-billed Cotinga Sanctuary is a must-see for any bird lover or nature enthusiast! As the only reserve dedicated to this highly endangered endemic bird, this small protected parcel of land that was found to be critical habitat for this elusive bird is a testament to the power of what a small group of committed individuals (birders) can achieve!

We would like to give a special thanks to our birder visitors and partners like American Bird Conservancy and Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin who stepped up to help purchase and protect this land.

This 30-acre sanctuary is the last stronghold for the Yellow-billed Cotinga, which can only survive in a habitat that includes both mangrove and rainforest. As they feed on one habitat and nest in another, this species is very vulnerable to extinction and only a few hundred remain, all within Costa Rica.

An early morning visit to this sanctuary is a great way to spot this beautiful and elusive bird, as well as others like the Mangrove Hummingbird that also depends on this important habitat.

Strolling through this kaleidoscope of habitats at Osa Verde, you might also spot a Barred Forest falcon, Bat falcon, Longbilled Hermit, Whitenecked Jacobins, some woodcreepers, and Bluecrowned Manakin, to name a few. Be on the lookout for the Black- cheeked Ant Tanager in primary forest and the endangered Yellow- Billed Cotinga in the mangrove habitats.

Photo credit: Manuel Sanchez