Join us where the rainforest meets the sea for an unforgettable conservation tourism experience.

The Osa & Our Location

There is no better place to experience all the beauty and wonder that Costa Rica has to offer than the Osa Peninsula. Named by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on earth,” the Osa holds 2.5% of the entire world’s biodiversity. While the Osa is one of the last truly wild places, it is still easily accessible by air and road.

The Osa Peninsula lies in southwest Costa Rica and is home to the famed Corcovado National Park, as well as Piedras Blancas National Park and the Terraba Sierpe wetland area – one of the largest mangroves on the Pacific coast of Central America. The nearby Golfo Dulce is a tropical fjord teeming with marine wildlife due to its deep and calm waters. The Osa Peninsula hosts an abundance of species– including over 400 species of birds, 140 different mammals and 323 endemic species of plants and vertebrates – making it a tropical landscape of unprecedented richness.

Osa Verde is located at the southern end of the peninsula, along the Pacific coast. We are 25km from the town of Puerto Jimenez, roughly a 1-hour drive along a dirt road that snakes southward along the gulf, past the cape, and back up toward Corcovado National Park.

Osa Verde & Conservation

Osa Verde is an initiative of Osa Conservation, a non-profit organization that has been working to preserve the Osa since 2003. Osa Conservation has reforested over 6,000 acres of rainforest habitat and implemented restoration, rewilding, biodiversity monitoring, sea turtle conservation projects. Our small wildlife-friendly farm, Finca Osa Verde, serves as a teaching tool to locals and visitors alike, while also providing a source of fresh and healthy food.

Down the road from Osa Verde’s Finca and BioLodge, our BioStation hosts many researchers, students, visitors and volunteers throughout the year. With over 1,000 local and international visitors annually at our BioStation, we are committed to educational field experiences that increase awareness of the Osa’s importance and opportunities to protect this unique corner of the world.

Our team of dedicated scientists and researchers live and work on site and are fighting every day to keep the Osa’s rainforests, rivers, mangroves, and wildlife populations healthy and thriving. Our team and the programs they lead are what make Osa Verde a completely unique destination to visit.

At Osa Verde you can go beyond ecotourism and join Osa Conservation’s team in immersive conservation experiences.

– Release baby sea turtles into the ocean
– Plant a native tree and add to the returning forest
– Get your hands dirty on our wildlife-friendly farm planting and harvesting food
– Join our citizen science programs and help collect valuable scientific data

With nearly 15 kilometers of lush rainforest trails and more than three kilometers of pristine, luxurious beaches, Osa Verde offers endless opportunities to discover and learn. And, 100% of profits from Osa Verde support our conservation efforts!

Osa Verde & Sustainability

Osa Verde is committed to sustainability and is off the grid. We produce all of our own energy which comes entirely from hydro and solar sources and all of our water is sourced directly from the natural springs. The Osa Verde BioLodge was built largely from local materials and fallen trees within the property. Over 40,000 native trees have been planted around Osa Verde to recreate a robust forest. Our wildlife-friendly landscaping promotes a healthy ecosystem by attracting pollinators- birds, mammals, and insects – providing plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. Be sure to bring your camera or binoculars with you during your stay at Osa Verde!


A true “farm-to-table” experience will welcome you at the Osa Verde Finca. On our sustainable farm, we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables suited to the environment with no chemical inputs. Growing clean, healthy food ourselves not only reduces transport, but is also part of our commitment to the environment and the health of our visitors and staff.

Sourced directly from our farm, the tropical foods – watermelon, plantains, mango, yucca, wild rice, yams and much more – create mouthwatering, healthy meals. Touring the farm or harvesting your meal’s ingredients will deepen your connection to food, nature and wellness in this special place.