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  • About Osa Verde

    Come to the Osa, where the rainforest meets the sea, for an unforgettable conservation tourism experience!

    Our Osa Verde BioLodge is a perfect destination to see some of the most unique wildlife in the world while becoming immersed in all that the Osa offers. Nestled in primary rainforests, Osa Verde is an eBird hotspot, with diverse habitats, pristine beaches, a wildlife friendly farm, and dedicated conservation programs.

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  • Conservation Model

    Farm-Fresh Local Food

Osa Verde is an initiative of Osa Conservation, a non-profit organization that has been protecting the Osa since 2003.

  • Accommodations

    Osa Verde is an ideal place for an immersive conservation experience. With conservation professionals on staff, Osa Verde offers a range of hands-on conservation activities for groups to enjoy, while relaxing in the comfort of our sustainable Osa Verde BioLodge at night. Lush tropical plants surround the cabins and attract wildlife to your door. Each of the spacious 6 double rooms overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

  • Osa Verde BioLodge

  • Osa Verde Experiences

    With nearly 15 kilometers of lush rainforest trails and more than three kilometers of pristine, luxurious beaches, Osa Verde offers endless opportunities to escape into this natural sanctuary.

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  • Things To Do

Osa Verde is the perfect get-away for birders and nature-lovers alike. Catch a rare glimpse of more than 400 species of birds. Release baby sea turtles or plant native tree species. Get your hands dirty on our wildlife-friendly farm or participate in our citizen science programs. Join us and learn what it takes to protect this amazing place!